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Shaker Village

3501 Lexington Rd Harrodsburg, KY 40330

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Date Type Mi Name Price Contact Contact Roster
Sat - 03/20 RR 1 Spring Fever Obstacle Fun Day Early Bird Special$13.50 - $26
Early Bird Special $36.00 $26.00 Participant (Age 23+) (Good until online registration closes)
Early Bird Special $23.50 $13.50 Participant (Age 7-22) (Good until online registration closes)
Chris Pepplitsch
(859) 312-4264

Online registration closes Thursday, March 18, 7:00pm, EST

About The Venue

Beautiful Shaker Village boasts 3,000 acres to discover by horseback.  Grab your pony, mule, donkey, horse, mini, draft, dragon, or unicorn for a day of fun.  Enjoy schooling on several different obstacles in-hand or mounted--we will have plenty of options to keep everyone busy.  Mock competitions like jousting, sort your laundry, and carry the mail will be part of the fun. 

After you finish playing with our obstacles, the Preserve at Shaker Village is open until dusk and welcomes you to ride the backcountry through some of Kentucky's finest forests, fields, and creek crossings. The Preserve’s trail system includes 29 miles of trails for horseback riding.  ***Trail riding activities are on your own and are not part of the ETS Obstacle Fun Day.*** 

Please be sure to print a trail map before you head out on the trails by clicking here  


If you require overnight boarding or a stall, all reservations must be made with Shaker Village.

The Stable offers 20 stalls, bedding, two single-horse paddocks, one two-horse paddock, and trailer parking. Boarding reservations are required—call 859.734.5411.
Nightly Stall Fee: $30 per horse   
Nightly Paddock Fee: $10 per horse


Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill is a National Historic Landmark in Kentucky.  The nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization relies on revenue generated by visiting guests and funding from public sources, private donations, and endowment income.  Please visit this link to learn more about this remarkable destination. 


In addition to your paid ETS registration...PLEASE note that Shaker Village collects a $10 day cash fee for every equine that enters through their gate.  There will be an attendant at the entrance collecting this fee when you arrive.  

Event Details

Join us for a fun day working with your equine.  There will be a large variety of obstacles to school on.  Things to walk over, under, and through.  Items to handle, carry and pull.  Things that move, shine, and make sounds.  You pick what you want to try or try them all!  Schooling may be done in-hand, mounted, or a combination of both.      

Why school on obstacles anyway?

  • Obstacles can be used for every discipline and every equine
  • Obstacles are fun
  • Obstacles engage the equine's brain
  • Obstacles can help build a trusting relationship with your equine
  • Obstacles help desensitize your equine 
  • Obstacles improve agility 
  • Obstacles help reinforce cues from the handler
  • Obstacles improve your communication skills with your equine
  • Obstacles can aid equine to become responsible with foot placement
  • Obstacles provide excellent opportunities to work on gait transitions
  • Obstacles improve equitation
  • Obstacles refine your horsemanship skills

Give it a try.  Learn something new.  Discover ideas to work on at home.  The Obstacle Fun Day is not a clinician-run event but you may bring your trainer to help you.  There will be a couple of ETS certified judges onsite to explain how the obstacles are used but they will not be offering lessons. 

***Rain Date - Sunday, March 21, 2021 

REMINDER - All Equine Trail Sports participants age 7 - 17 years old are required to wear a safety helmet when mounted or taking part in in-hand activities with equine. 

The Terrain

The obstacle area will be an open grass and dirt area that is relatively flat.  Although most barefeet equine will likely have no trouble with the obstacle course terrain, all handlers should determine whether shoes or boots are best for their equine. If you plan on riding the trails, be prepared for typical trail terrain such as some rock, mud, water, and unlevel pathways.  Some trails may cross over blacktop roads.    



There is a restaurant on site that offers dine-in and carry-out.  Next to the restaurant is a craft store that sells grab and go items for your consideration.  You are also welcome to pack your own lunch. 

Additional Fees

You may register online up to 7:00 pm on October March 18th to receive the Early Bird Pricing.  You can still register onsite during the event but onsite pricing will apply.  

In addition to your paid ETS registration...PLEASE note that Shaker Village collects a $10 day cash fee for every equine that enters through their gate.  There will be an attendant at the entrance collecting this fee when you arrive.  

Additional Opportunities

If you would like to learn more about Equine Trail Sports please stop by one of my events.  I am happy to show you around.  

Volunteers are always needed and well appreciated :)  If you are interested in working at the registration table, being a ring or trail steward, setting up or tearing down obstacles, learning to judge an event, scorekeeping, hospitality, or hosting your own event please send me a message through email or Messenger.  Email or find me on Facebook at 

Shaker Village
3501 Lexington Rd
Harrodsburg, KY 40330

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8:00 - 8:30 am Register/Check-in
8:30 am Obstacle courses open for schooling
3:00 pm All obstacles courses close for the day