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Trail Challenge Obstacle Course

Recreational Competition




Competitor - Discover the variety and flexibility of the obstacles at Equine Trail Sports.  Tackle different challenge levels at each obstacle and receive scores from the Judges.  Depending on your choices, you will be placed in the Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced bracket, making you eligible for awards in your bracket.  Placement & Ranking points are tracked according to your event ranking and placement, which accumulate towards our awards programs and eligible tournaments.

Ride Along - Enjoy the trail without the experience of the obstacles or competition.   

Entry Fee

Rider Type Trail Challenge (TC)
(5+ miles)
Obstacle Trail (OT)
(2-4 miles)
Obstacle Course (OC) &
In Hand (IH) (0-1 miles) 
Competitor (Adult 23+) $65 $55 $58 $48 $51 $41 ----
Competitor (Age 7-22) $38 $28 $34.50 $24.50 $31 $21 ----
Ride Along $38 $28 $34.50 $24.50 - $36 $26 Adult /
$23.50 $13.50 Youth

 Early Bird Pricing Shown in red and applies to online registration only .
Please note: Due to our format and allowing our events to be used for fundraising purposes, event fees may vary slightly. Be sure to check each event description page for information on fees for that event.

Late Registration: Each event has an online registration close date. Online registration will not be accepted after the event is closed. However, on-site registration is available at the regular pricing.

Refund Policy:

Event Credit

Riders may issue themselves credit prior to the registration close date by clicking MY ACCOUNT / MY EVENTS and then clicking the TRASH CAN icon. All credits will be stored in the MY ACCOUNT / MY CREDITS area. After registration is closed and prior to the event, riders may call/email the Event Manager for a credit for emergencies only. The Event Manager will issue credit at their discretion. No Event Credit is given for riders who do not call/email prior to the start of the event. If an event is canceled, credit will automatically be placed in your account.

Credit Card Refund

$5.00 or 4% processing fee will be charged (whichever is higher) should you request a credit card refund (or check) in lieu of an event credit unless the event was canceled/rescheduled.