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ZERO / ONE Fall, Pass, Did not get past the start point 1 Passed the Start point
PARTIAL CREDIT Bless your heart Not "Purdy" Close but no Cigar
AVERAGE RESULTS Okay Average Almost Good
ABOVE AVG RESULTS Good Excellent  10 Perfect



SPECIFIC MANEUVER JUDGING CRITERIA (general judging criteria applies)

GATE: Maintain control of the gate at all times by keeping one hand on the gate.

MOUNT: Mane and saddle may be used as a point of contact for 'gentle' balance.  The reins and saddle may not be used with any use of force or leverage. Rider is to land softly in the saddle.

UPHILL: A rider going uphill needs to stay balanced by maintaining an up and forward position parallel with the tree-line. 

DOWNHILL: You will incur point deductions if your weight is forward in the saddle.  You should display a balanced seat while going downhill.

SIDEPASS: Judges will be looking for crossing over of feet, shuffling will incur point deductions.  The front and hind of the horse should stay in relative alignment during the movement.

USING ROPES: Wrapping a rope around your hand will incur point deductions.  Always hold coiled rope in your hand.  Keep ropes a distance from your horse so they avoid getting tied up in them.  Never dally rope on the saddle horn.  A half dally providing leverage is acceptable.

JUMP - Rider should have eyes forward, seat raised forward out of the saddle, heals down with feet under them (not swayed back), and hands forward giving the horse his head.

BACK - Horse should back with soft neck and poll. Points deducted if looking backward or to the side causes the rider to be off balance.

TURN ON HAUNCHES - Hind hooves should remain relatively in place as the front end of the equine maneuvers around.

TURN ON FOREHAND - Front hooves should remain relatively in place while the hind end maneuvers around the front end.





Examples: If you are required to pick up a an item, situate your horse to minimize leaning (causing unbalance and risk); If you are required to turn on the haunch in a box, pay attention to place your horse's hind feet towards the center of the box so the front feet can maneuver around the haunch without touching the box.